project portfolio

product manager

Provided strategic direction and operational management for the following digital services: 

About: A K-12 portal of over 200,000 digitized archival materials, including historical photographs, maps, and documents.
My role: Envisioned and then managed the creation, launch, and promotion of Calisphere. Managed ongoing operations and feature enhancements.
Online Archive of California (OAC)

About: Aggregates and provides access to archival collections from 150+ cultural heritage institutions across California.
My role:  Managed day-to-day operations that included supporting and expanding the contributor base and overseeing routine site upgrades and enhancements. In addition, managed a major site redesign.
UC Image Service

About: An aggregation of over 1 million art and architecture images for use by UC faculty and students for classroom instruction.
My role: Directed user research with faculty and students to understand and define their needs and then identified a vendor solution to build a digital image collection for use in the classroom. Managed ongoing operations and collaborated with campus staff to increase content contributions.

marketing projects

Managed a variety of creative projects to promote programs and services to diverse audiences.  

Outreach materials

Managed teams of graphic designers and writers to create a variety of outreach materials, including annual reports, an online newsletter template, handouts, postcards and posters. Below is a sample of this work.

EIFL annual report

EIFL online newsletter

Calisphere handout

Calisphere poster


Worked with graphic designers to create logo and brand identity for a new service (Calisphere); and re-branding for an existing service (OAC) and for an organization (EIFL). Below is a sample of this work.

Calisphere logo

OAC logo

EIFL logo

user research

While at the University of California, designed and/or conducted user research including focus groups sessions, interviews, usability testing, and online surveys that informed design decisions as well as defined future directions of services. See published article that describes these activities [PDF].

Selected activities:

  • Focus group sessions to determine and define future enhancements for two services: MyLibrary and SearchLight
  • Conducted interviews with UC faculty and graduate students to gain a better understanding of their current use of digital images for instruction: UC Image service
  • Usability testing for website redesigns: Online Archive of California (OAC), Melvyl Catalog, eScholarship Editions
  • Online surveys to inform a major technical migration of UC’s library catalog, Melvyl; to gather user satisfaction of the California Digital Library (CDL) website, and to gather quantitative data about user preferences for category headings on the CDL site


Managed internal and external communications that reached audiences across California and internationally. See below and my published works + presentations

Wrote news stories to highlight success stories and demonstrate the impact of programs. Selected items:
California Digital Library (CDL)

  • Calisphere and iPods in the Classroom: New technology brings California history to life [read]
  • Calisphere – Share it with your students! [read]
  • Library of Congress, Internet Archive, and CDL Team Up with Middle and High Schools for Web Archiving Project [read]
  • Calisphere’s new Themed Collection explores conquest and cultural exchange in Early California [read]

Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL)

  • EIFL Spotlight: Libraries lead the way providing tools for visually impaired students [read]
  • Uganda joins as an EIFL partner country [read]
  • Laos consortium organises training for over 800 end users [read]
  • EIFL-FOSS regional seminar explores tools for libraries [read]
  • Lithuania’s LMBA celebrates 10 years [read]

Edited case studies, feature stories, reports. Selected items:

  • EIFL-FOSS case studies: Disability tools [PDF] and SubjectsPlus [PDF]
  • EIFL-OA  case studies: Malawi [PDF] and Poland [PDF]
  • EIFL Spotlight on Open Access: EIFL open access advocacy grants deliver big results [read]