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Laine FarleyExecutive Director, California Digital Library, University of California
managed Rosalie indirectly at University of California
“Rosalie consistently proved herself to be an innovator and creative thinker. Her work on Calisphere exemplified this; she had a vision for a new service that would allow us to reach a whole new audience. She conducted the market research that confirmed the need and then managed a team that designed and launched the service. She also worked with outside consultants, including a graphic designer and writers. She not only built a successful new service, she challenged us to think differently about how we created and promoted our other services. Rosalie was an excellent manager of the Digital Special Collections team and an effective participant in the group of senior managers for strategic planning. I would not hesitate to hire her again.”
Peter BrantleyDirector of Strategic Technology, Academic Information Services, University of California
worked with Rosalie at University of California
“I knew Rosalie when I was the technology director for UC’s California Digital Library (CDL —; Rosalie was responsible for our digital special collections. She is smart, focused, had a clear vision for her digital sphere, and managed her team expertly. In her interactions with my role as the technology director, she was articulate with her needs and superb at negotiating the best possible result from an uncertain mix of constraints and cross organizational demands. She worked superbly with other heads of programs, as well.”
Rima KupryteDirector,
managed Rosalie at EIFL
“Rosalie was a great support to me and all the EIFL programs. I appreciated her flexibility. We could ask her to jump in last at the minute to help us with work that needed to be done. She would put aside the work she was doing and immediately focus on our requests. I also appreciated her tolerance. She introduced the phrase “Of course I have my own opinion”, but she always listened and accommodated other opinions. She expressed her creativity in developing the EIFL website and introducing new features. She worked with graphic designers on the new EIFL branding, including the newsletter. She also helped the organization with documenting various processes and introduced various policies that were very helpful in managing and communicating more effectively in a virtual organization.”
Simon BallFOSS Programme Manager,
worked indirectly for Rosalie at EIFL
“I had the great pleasure of working closely with Rosalie for a period of almost two years.
• I worked with 7 libraries in developing and transition countries on pilot projects involving the installation and implementation of library software. The project reports that were submitted varied tremendously from highly technical reports of tens of thousands of words, through to anecdotal pieces of a few hundred words. The standard of English varied greatly, and Rosalie managed to précis, edit, rewrite (in some cases) and present for me a set of coherent case studies (and a separate set of executive summaries), all of similar length and style, all conveying the necessary technical information whilst retaining reader interest as a story. This is no mean feat, but this is a skill Rosalie possesses in abundance, the ability to interpret and re-present widely varying sources of information in a coherent and readable manner.
• Rosalie acted as my right-hand-woman in organising a two-day conference in Tanzania, bringing together 49 people from 20 countries around the world. Rosalie was not only a very useful and adaptable extra pair of hands in this situation, but her calmness, rational thought processes and analytical brain helped us deal much more efficiently with challenges than I would have done alone.
• Finally I would like to reference Rosalie’s role in the annual EIFL General Assembly (GA) which is a fascinating melting pot of librarians and publishers from around the world. Amidst the vibrancy and disorder there was always Rosalie, an oasis of calmness, considering appropriate responses rather than rushing into a quick fix, bringing her considered, rationalised approach to the melee and quelling any brewing storm.I hope this recommendation serves to highlight the wonderful qualities Rosalie brings as a colleague (and I defy anyone who works with her not to also become a friend) that she perhaps would be too modest to put forward herself. She is a person of many talents, and a joy to work with.”